Low Heat Dissipation Energy-saving Peep Door

Low Heat Dissipation Energy-saving Peep Door
Product Description
Peep door is mainly applied as observation equipment in electric power industry, heater and industrial furnace in petrol-chemical industry, with the purpose of observing the situation of flames, furnace tube and lining etc. and ensuring the safe operation of them.
The advantages of Low Heat Dissipation Energy-saving Peep Door developed by RC are listed below:
1. Energy Conservation
Because ceramic fiber was adopted as thermal insulation material for explosion door, so the surface temperature of explosion door can be kept under 60℃, which is 120℃ lower than the surface temperature of former general explosion door. In that case, thermal loss can be effectively prevented and thermal efficiency can be improved as well.
2. Broad Vision
Since the door was sealed using internal module, the thickness of lining at door plank can relatively be reduced in order to shorten the length of straight part in peep hole and broaden the scope of vision. 
3. Tight Sealing
Since special structure, slope fit between plank lining and shell lining, was adopted, peep door can seal tightly and ensure no leakage. Air factor can be reduced and the energy inside the furnace can be utilized effectively. 
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