Hearth Three-imensional Temperature Field Detecting System

Hearth Three-imensional Temperature Field Detecting System
Product Description
Hearth three dimensional temperature field is mainly used in industrial tube heater. It can monitor the three-dimensional temperature field distribution within the furnace and surface temperature distribution of the furnace shell under working condition in whole process, and provide the most important information for safe and efficient operation of tube heater. The real-time monitoring on combustion in tube heater has a major influence on the reliability, safety and economics of the whole set equipments operation.
The furnace combustion three-dimensional temperature field of the visualised detecting technology is an important achievement from State Key Laboratory of Coal Burning, Huazhong University of Science and Technology by doctoral superviser, Professor ZHOU Huaichun who has devoted himself in interdisciplinary exploration and practice. This technology can provide and real-time display three dimensional temperature field distribution data of more than 1000 discrete units inside furnace simultaneously. The refresh cycle of three dimensional temperature field is less than 5 seconds, and proportional error is within 5%, and also radiant energy signal can be detected by visualized system so that DCS system will be activated to help optimize and control combustion. At present, three dimensional visalized detecting systems have been generalized and applied in many corporations, such as Wuhan Steel& Power Company, Hubei Changyuan First Power Generation Company, Guangdong Shajiao A Power Plant, China Power Yaomeng Power Generation Company, Pingdingshan Coal Group Kengkou Power Plant, Panzhihua Iron &Steel Co., Ltd. Power Plant, Pingdingshan Ruiping Coal& Power Co., Ltd., Zhanjiang Power Plant, Wuhan Steel& Power Co., Ltd., Baoshan Steel Co., Ltd., etc. and exported to Brazil. Great economic and social benefits of this product have been obtained.
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